Why IS the Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Popular?

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Was Successfully Installed In Nigeria

The White Pollution has been the unsolved problems for many years, although people have tried many methods, they are all in vain. But the invention of the plastic pyrolysis plant can effectively solve this problem.

We all know that plastic is non-degradable, so during the process, it will cause soil harden deterioration. What’s more, burning them can produce pollution gas, such as sulfur gas. But using plastic pyrolysis plant has the following advantages:

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Was Installed In Nigeria
Plastic Pyrolysis Plant Was Successfully Installed In Nigeria

1. It will not produce any pollution to the environment, because during the working process, most flue gas can be recycled and used as energy.

2. The plastic pyrolysis plant can convert the waste plastic into oil, carbon black, combustible gas. The oil after distillation can be used as fuel oil, and the carbon black can be used to improve the quality of soil, and also can be applied to many fields. In this way, the waste has a good treatment, and they can also make profits.

We have been specializing in manufacturing pyrolysis plant for more than 10 years, and our plants have obtained several patents and certificates after decades of innovation and development. They have been widely recognized at home and abroad, with superior performance, competitive price, high efficiency, maintenance convenience and cost saving.