Waste Plastic Recycling Plant

Getting the waste plastic well recycled is a beneficial thing to all human beings. Because it spoils the beauty of cities, harms the lives in the water, in addition, it cause serious pollution. But how can achieve recycle the plastic waste in a beneficial way? You may need a qualified waste plastic recycling plant. The main purpose of this plant is to help you get plastic granules from waste plastics, and turn waste to treasure. It can dispose many kinds of plastic, and the whole plastic granulation process is harmless, no matter to the workers or the environment.

waste plastic recycling plant for sale
waste plastic recycling plant for sale

Special Design of Beston Plastic Granulators for Sale

Its main host is extruding machine, which consists of extrusion system, drive system and heating and cooling system.

Here we will give more details about this machine, so that you can have a better understanding that why the design of our plastic waste recycling machine is superior to other plants.

First, it is energy saving. This characteristics mainly reflects in two aspects, power section and heating section. For the power section, it uses the frequency transformer, which can change the power output of motor. In this way, the energy can be saved. For the heating section, it uses the electromagnetic heater, and its fractional energy saving is 30%-70% of old fashioned resistance ring. The reasons are listed below:

plastic granules machine
plastic granules machine

Compared with the resistance ring, the electromagnetic heater has another insulating layer, so the heat utilization efficiency is higher. And it takes less time for it to heat. Moreover, it heats the feeding pipe directly, so it can reduce the heat loss during the heat transfer process.

Second, it is suitable for many kinds of waste plastic disposal. The special design of screw and different collocation make it can achieve making plastic granules from PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA.

Third, it can work soundlessly. The reduction box adopts the high torque design, which makes the whole working process is soundless.

Fourth, it can help you get higher quality plastic granules thanks to the design of blow vent. The special design can ensure that the water and waste gas can be piped out, thus the ejection of compact is much smoother, and the plastic granules is harder.

The Working Process of Beston Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

The whole process can be concluded as the following steps: Firstly, you need classify the raw material, and then cleaning and crushing them. After being processed in the host, you will get plasticized material from the auxiliary engine. The cooling system will cool them down before they are cut into granules.

As one of the plastic recycling machine manufacturers in china, our plants are popular in waste plastic recycling and reprocess industry. For most the customers, they chose our machines because of the following reasons:

1. There is no need to dry the plastic waste after classifying and crushing, because our machine can handle both of them.

2. It is highly automatic.

3. Its making material is high quality, so its service life is longer.

4. It looks great, and we can paint according to the customers’ request.

What You Can Do with the Plastic Granules?

They can be classified as three grades basing on the kinds of the raw material and the characteristics of the plastic granules.

waste plastic granules
waste plastic granules

But no matter what grade they are, they all have a wider application. You can use them to make plastic bags, buckets, toys and other daily using things. They are also useful in making costumes, zippers, fastener and so on. Especially, you can use them to make plastic films, packing bags, pump pipes, which are necessary in agriculture.

If you do not want the plastic granules, we recommend you the waste plastic pyrolysis machine. Using it can help you get fuel oil and carbon black.

Both of those two plants aims to make the waste plastic be harmless to the environment. On top of that, you can still make profits. If you have any question about the cost of waste plastic recycling plant, you can send us email directly. I bet you will get the quick and right information.

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