Tire Pretreatment Equipment

Tyre Cutting Machine

In the process of continuous tyre pyrolysis production line, tire pre-treatment equipment is very necessary. This equipment mainly includes wire drawing machine, cutting machine, tire crusher and belt conveyor.

Tire Crusher is used to crush tire chips in ambient process. It mainly consists of the ;lifting device, power system, crush blade, screen institution.

tire crusher
tire crusher

Type:900,1200 Tire Crusher

Capacity:2 T/H,4 T/H

Processing tires:≤ Ø900 mm,≤ Ø1200 mm

Product specification:50×50 mm,50×50 mm

Power:20*2+1.5+0.5 KW,45*2+1.5+1.5 KW

Size:2000*2500*2800mm,4000x3400x3700 mm


tyre cutting machine
Tyre Cutting Machine

Type:J-3000 Tyre Cutting Machine

Capacity: 60(Article/H)

Processing tires:≤ Ø3000 mm

Power:18.5 KW

Working pressure:380 T

Weight:25 T

Tyre wire puller is an equipment completely pulled out the steel wire of the bead in once. Its purpose is convenient to the after crushing and cutting.

wire drawing machine
Tyre wire puller

Type: 1200 Wire Drawing Machine

Capacity: 30-60 (Article / h)

Processing tires: ≤ Ø1200 mm

Power:7.5 KW

Cylinder stroke: 1300 mm

Working pressure: 15T

Size: 3150*750*1400 mm

Weight: 1.6T

Belt conveyor is a line to connect the front and rear so that it can work continuously process equipment, designed specifically for transporting the entire tire, delivery of the rubber blokes and broken rubber block after cutting. Its components include: motor , reducer, flat conveyor belt, roller, rack, baffles,casters.

belt conveyor
Belt Conveyor
Type: D-13000 Belt Conveyor

Capacity: 0.1-10 ton/h (can be adjusted)

Conveying length:4-10m

Conveying height: 1-5m

Conveying width: 500-1300mm

Conveying speed: 10-30m/min

Power: 1.1-3KW

Weight: 1.6T