How to make a basic Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Coconuts are some of the most benevolent plants bestowed in the earth by nature. The fruits from the tree really are a way to obtain products to fit every human need. There exists food for top-quality nutrition, chemicals for digestive health insurance and body care plus much more.

But were you aware that coconuts could also be used to generate a top-quality assortment of fuel.

Coconut shell charcoal is valued the world over. This is because of an aromatic quality which provides a warm fragrance when used in a wood stove. Furthermore, this high-quality charcoal has applications in a number of industries. Activated charcoals is very important to cleaning and marinating toxic chemicals and producing explosives. Also, it is used in the process of refining gold.

There are many techniques that this abundant source material could be converted into a top-notch-quality fuel that may be placed on a great number of needs. Here you will see how this fuel can be achieved having a 55-gallon barrel.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Process
Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Process

Creating a Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

All you need to develop a high-production charcoal plant is an average 55-gallon barrel. Stand it upright and visually separate the barrel into three sections hereafter referred to as top, middle and bottom sections.

The method works on controlling the volume of air which is allowed in the kiln, so create around 6 1.5” holes in each section or perhaps a total of 18 holes evenly spaced all over the entire barrel. It is important that you may open and close these holes. The top middle and bottom section ought to be opened and closed independently of your other sections.

The top of the the drum will need a lid featuring a highly effective chimney or smoke stack. The relevant skills from the local blacksmith will probably be invaluable in creating and ultra-practical and uber-convenient charcoal manufacturing machine, yet not entirely necessary.

With Your Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

This kiln can do converting considerable amounts of raw coconut shells into charcoal each day. Here is the way it operates:

Fill the bottom section of the barrel with coconut shells and set them in a funnel shape with the lowest point at the centre of the barrel. Soak a few pieces in kerosene or lighter fuel (kerosene works better) and set up them ablaze.

After the fire has begun towards the bottom section, pile on more coconut shells filling the center and top sections. You will see flames visible with the bottom pair of holes, so shut the holes to the peak and middle sections.

Because the process continues, the shells will shrink and sink to the bottom. Ensure you are continuously adding more shells towards the barrel to keep it full. Once you see the telltale manifestation of glowing coals visible through the bottom holes, your charcoal in this section is ready. Close the holes in the bottom layer and open those in the middle and top sections and set the most notable and chimney on your own barrel. As being the glow moves upwards to the middle section, close the holes here as well. After the top section is glowing all holes must be covered and also the product capable to cool for around 8 hours. It is crucial that the fire is killed cold from the introduction of air once you open the kiln will ignite the fuel quickly and you will lose your product or service.

Look at the learning curve in mastering this straightforward skill and very soon you will find a kiln similar to this can create a great deal of charcoal from 30,000 coconut shells.