Details About The Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine

Today strategies linked to saving energy and the development of new energy is crucial with regards to sustainable development. One of several latest developments includes the bamboo charcoal making machine which includes a process of reactions, bamboo will then be converted into 4 main products. Including combustible gas, charcoal, tar and wood vinegar. Every one of these end products are associated with various applications and cause attractive profits.

The Technology Of Producing Bamboo Charcoal

Within the carbonization procedure for bamboo, raw materials will slowly generate a combustible gas when heating this product having a traditional supply of fuel. The produced combustible gas is then recycled to be able to warm the carbonizer-furnace in the form of a fuel straight after purification throughout the dedusting-system.

This technology is considered unique as well as the bamboo charcoal making machine is equipped with the next parts:

– Pretreatment device

– The carbonizing furnace

– The condenser system

– The cooling system

– Dedusting system

– Draft fan

All the parts within these systems plays a necessary role throughout the entire working process.

Charcoal Making Machine
Charcoal Making Machine

The Charcoal Furnace

The carbonizing furnace in this particular charcoal making machines is regarded as by far the most vital part with regards to the operation method that will choose the complete working efficiency along with the overall excellence of the end products. Because of this, this area of the equipment includes a double-layer design that permits the reduced percentage of this machine to come into exposure to sufficient amounts of heat. Furthermore, the look assists in raising the use of heat efficiently from the beginning.

The high temperatures which can be reached inside of the furnace, turns the bamboo into combustible gas and carbonized bamboo-charcoal. Both these products come with a high-burning value that may then be used directly as a fuel, which paves the way for these subsequent steps.

The Air Conditioning

This system within the charcoal-making system is used mainly for decreasing the bamboo charcoal to a temperature of 30℃. The charcoal temperature inside of the furnace is very high, which implies it deserves cooling before it can be discharged. The cooling-system is set up to ensure a good operation of handling the final product.

The Condenser System

Over and above the combustible gas and charcoal, this equipment also produces two end products which include tar and wood vinegar. The products are generated using a procedure for liquefaction within the condenser system. Once condensed, the products are kept in two different tanks. These final products bring raw materials or additives in relation to making various chemical products.

The Dedusting System

The dedusting-technique is in place over these machine’s to be able to eliminate Sulphur components out from the combustible gas. This technique has provided a means to prevent the generation of pollution through the entire working procedure that matches around the EU emission standards.

Over and above bamboo these machines may also be used for coconut shells, straw, wood, palm shells, hull, rice and peanut shells being a raw material so that you can produce wood vinegar, tar, combustible gas and charcoal.