Plastic waste needs to be recycled, say experts in Oman

3D Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Muscat: To save the environment more recycling centers are required to collect and recycle plastic containers dumped everyday into landfills, said an expert on Wednesday. Speaking to the Times of Oman, Andrew Wilson, an environmentalist, said that right now there is no coordinated collection system to save the environment.

“We should work towards minimising our waste. We should look for ways to either re-use or recycle it,” he said.

Experts said collecting this waste and recycling it would help generate private investment in waste recycling plants such as anaerobic digesters which generate energy from green waste.

plastic waste recycling

“Landfills take up precious land and cause considerable pollution because plastic materials take many years to disintegrate. Besides, we can start a new industry in recycling that will create thousands of jobs in the long run,” said another environmentalist.

“Awareness about recycling must start at the grassroots level. We must educate our children so that they can save their environment and at the same make money from rubbish they throw away,” said residents.

This comes after the Muscat Municipality intensified its efforts to remove constructions, trees and waste residues from the roads, neighbourhoods, squares and public places in different locations in the wilayats of Muttrah and Al Amerat.

3D Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
3D Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

The move comes under the intensified campaign of cleanliness launched by the government to cover all governorates throughout the year in order to improve the cleanliness of the city and remove waste and raise public awareness.

The campaign seeks to enhance best practices when dealing with waste and municipal laws and regulations concerning the protection and safety of

public hygiene.

The public directorate of the Muscat Municipality in Muttrah carried out separate cleaning processes in Sifa and Wadi Kabir areas. The campaign resulted in the removal of more than 356 tonnes of construction waste and 168 tonnes of trees waste.

The Directorate General of the Municipality in Amerat also conducted a campaign to remove construction waste from residential and commercial areas.

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