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Using biomass charcoal making machine to recycle biomass is quite popular nowadays. The plant adopts the biomass carbonization technology, and through the high temperature and other related process, you will get biomass charcoal at last. In this way, you can avoid air pollution caused by burning the biomass waste. Moreover, as the price of charcoal … Read more…

Waste Pyrolysis Plant to Uzbekistan

Beston waste pyrolysis plant to Uzbekistan

As a professional waste recycling plant manufacturer, we are provide you with waste plastic recycling plants, waste tyre recycling plant, municipal solid waste sorting machine, biomass waste charcoal making machine and so on. We have mentioned before that our waste sorting machine and charcoal making machine have been exported to Uzbekistan. Recently, we successfully shipped … Read more…

10 Tons Tyre Pyrolysis Plant In Indonesia

On October 31, 2016, BLJ – 10 tyre pyrolysis plant was shipped to Indonesia. Our workers were orderly packaging various parts of this equipment. Then our company has sent a technical staff for guiding the installation, testing the machine and training workers. Installation Video of 10 Tons Tyre Pyrolysis Plant in Indonesia: